Introducing Contemporary Lacquer                   updated (2013.6.23)

TORIDE ART PROJECT 2003 ( 3 Steps room) / 22/11/2003 - 07/12/2003

" The feeling inside the cage " performed by Takamasa Yoshino

In 2003, as a part of Toride Art Project with Hirokazu Nakajima (Modern artist) , Noriko Nozawa (Picture book artist) they rented a space in a shopping street to hold "3 steps rooms". This project included Exhibition, performance, Urushi workshop.  Toride Art Project is a collaboration of Toride town and Tokyo University of Art. 


The interior of an old Soba-shop was re-decorated as a cage and I've perfomed as a Gorilla in a zoo to present the felling inside the cage.


(10 minutes per performance / Total 10 performance)